Discover Marubo’s extensive assortment of authentic products

Marubo is a synonym for quality and diversity. We’re the leading reference in rustic building materials in Harelbeke and the rest of Flanders. We offer the following unique products:

  • Old bricks. Every brick is polished meticulously. Then we sort them by size and place them on pallets. You can contact us for an assortment of Beerse stones, Paepe stones, cleat stones, second hand bricks and recuperation bricks. 
  • Old tiles. The quality of every tile is tested extensively. They are sorted by length and then piled. We offer Burgundy tiles, red Boom tiles and blue Boom tiles.
  • Old floors. Every floor tile is individually polished and sorted (smooth or rough). You can choose a square placement pattern, for strokes for example. English sandstone (or York stone) is one of our top products. Authentic 18th century wooden floors are available on demand. New wooden floors, for that original charming look, are also possible.
  • Old chimneys for a unique and stylish accent
  • Garden ornaments

We also specialize in several unique items, such as cast iron windows from old farms, sinks in blue stone or pillars in white stone. Visit Marubo for the greatest assortment in antique and rustic building materials today!